Different cannabis edibles produce different effects and satisfaction

I’ve been taking various brands of ibuprofen since I was a kid. If I sprain my wrist or my ankle or manage to stub a toe while walking through my house, I have better results taking ibuprofen compared to taking acetaminophen. I also prefer taking a medication that has much lower toxicity to the liver. I thought I had taken every form of ibuprofen until I discovered gel capsules one day and wondered if they would actually make a difference compared to the tiny red tablets that I was used to all of these years. The gel capsule allows the medication inside to immediately begin absorption into the lining of the stomach whereas tablets take much longer to dissolve when you consume them. Suddenly I was getting more effects from an over the counter medication that I worried had long quit working for my pain symptoms. However, things really exploded in my life when I started consuming cannabis. A close friend of mine let me try some cannabis flower products one day and I was immediately enthralled by the effects and how calm and spaced out the weed made me feel. After so many positive benefits from cannabis flower products, I then decided to try other administration methods of marijuana such as cannabis topicals and edibles. I learned that just like tablets versus gel capsules, some cannabis edibles absorb quicker and hit much harder than others. If you make a cannabis edible using rosin you’ll likely end up with a marijuana edible with more diverse terpenes and cannabinoids inside. Likewise, a tincture that absorbs sublingually in the mouth before consumption will usually hit faster than a piece of cannabis candy for instance.

Medical Marijuana

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