My sister thought it was sinful to have legal CBD in the pharmacy.

I never thought of my sister as a prude, but last week she proved I was wrong.

As much as she never minded using marijuana when she was younger, since she has turned 60 her entire attitude has changed.

When she looked at me and told me it was sinful to have legal CBD in the pharmacy, I told her she was getting old. CBD is nothing more than a natural painkiller. She would prefer taking pharmaceutical drugs that have come out of test tubes than she would take something that comes from nature. I reminded her of how she used to use marijuana all the time, and she told me that was years ago. I laughed and reminded her she asked me if I had any medical marijuana with me not two months earlier, and was disappointed because I didn’t. She told me it was different, because she didn’t have her granddaughter with her. We both burst out laughing when she said that. She really didn’t think, though, that it was right to have CBD out in the open at a pharmacy, but I would rather have it at a pharmacy than in a convenience store. At least we knew that the CBD that was in the pharmacy was a pure CBD, and we knew it wasn’t mixed with something that could hurt someone. I told her that was the only reason I got medical marijuana. I didn’t have to go out on the street to find something that was a natural medicine and find out later that it could’ve killed me.
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