It's nice knowing that I will have access to safe cannabis with my card

Back when I first started smoking cannabis, I had no idea where it was coming from. I had a few friends who knew drug dealers, but it was all black market and the origins were unknown. A lot of the “hydro” or “crippy” strains that we bought which were seedless were actually grown in our home state, but some of it came from out west as well. However, the “mids” marijuana we bought was much cheaper and was basically Mexican brick weed. It was full of stems and seeds and sometimes tasted like pesticides. But if you wanted to get high for only a little bit of money, this was always the chosen path. It wasn’t until years later that I learned that a lot of the black market cannabis I was buying all of those years was in fact loaded with agricultural pesticides that aren’t even properly flushed from the plants before they are harvested. Aside from pesticides, often cannabis is rife with mold spores and other harsh contaminants. That is a huge reason why shopping at a legal medical cannabis dispensary is such a game changer as you never have to contend with untested marijuana products again. At a medical cannabis dispensary, you can be confident that products you’re getting are actually lab tested to the degree that they need to be. While sometimes a bad batch of cannabis can slip between the cracks with the best testing available, that’s still a far cry from smoking complete mystery weed from a source you can’t verify or completely trust. Why not simply get a medical marijuana card so you can shop at a medical marijuana dispensary? That’s what makes the most sense to me.

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