I looked for a marketing firm to help with the website issues

My sibling in addition to myself were discussing many different options for opening up what we believed would be a cannabis shop in 3 years time.

  • Many of us had the option to do what everyone of us wanted and everyone of us were running right into the many concerns.

One of the biggest problems was that the people I was with plus myself had too many problems and not enough ways to solve them. Everyone of us had to make lots of phone calls. Every one of us had to take some classes and learn multiple laws and multiple regulations that would be important for the cannabis shop. However every one of us were setting up our supply chain plan as well. This first part of the supplier program was getting the supplier website set up. That both of us did not know much at all for creating any type of website content so every one of us went online and luckily for us everyone of us found the type of web development supplier with a department specializing in dispensaries. Someone wanted to know if everyone of us had mock-ups of the web design and every one of us were interested in seeing exactly what they had to go on for each other. The two of us spoke with every one of those people so we could find out more information about the way that they would build their web content. We were offered different types of website names and options and then one of the technicians walked us through the design of the website.

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