I started out with cannabis vaporizer cartridges at first

I wasn’t sure what to do when I was worked on with anxiety and depression last year.

My doctor advised that I try a medication that was intended to treat both, even though I had lots of reservations.

While lots of pharmaceutical medications are harshly beneficial for lots of people, I had awful reactions in the past to medications as seemingly innocuous as anti-nausea drugs. One of them offered me mild tardive dyskinesia in my face and I still get muscle spasms from time to time as a result. If I stretch my neck muscles too much in the wrong direction it can trigger a muscle spasm in the same sites as before. When you take a drug like that a few times and then have a reaction like that, it sticks with you for the rest of your life. It made me harshly reluctant to try medications for literally everything, even migraines. So when I finally started to develop major symptoms of anxiety and depression, I tried to stay open minded even though I entirely had little desire to get on a pharmaceutical drug out of the fear that I might develop a awful reaction like I did in the past. Thankfully a acquaintance had the courtesy to remind me that our state now has a medical cannabis program. While it had been years since I last had cannabis, I could remember back to the times when I had cannabis when I was in university and how much it helped my anxiety back then. I made an appointment with the medical cannabis doctor and he advised that I try a few cannabis vaporizer cartridges before moving to other products like cannabis flower products.

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