My therapist is supportive of my cannabis use

I know therapy is one of those things that everybody should do at least once in their life.

I have not met anyone in all my years that I thought was perfect with coping and dealing with mental health symptoms… Everybody gets depression and anxiety from time to time, and it’s only a matter of how much adversity a woman can take before they’re bound to crack.

I particularly had a close friend of mine who almost everyone thought was the perfect woman on the outside. She grew up as a star athlete and excelled in school, earning himself many scholarships to the university of her choice. She also met her middle school sweetheart at the age of 16 and they were married just three short years later; My associate and I all thought that Matthew was doing so well in her life, but deep down she was experiencing inner turmoil, sadly, if Matthew had reached out for help, she might still be with us today. But unluckyly, she took her own life one afternoon with no forwarding to anyone else she knew. I go to a therapist to particular ly avoid ending up like matthew. My therapist knows that I use cannabis as a means to cope with my mental health concerns. My associate and I have talked about me trying other medications before, but since I had such a bad experience with antidepressants when I was younger I have been reluctant to use anything but marijuana to treat my mental health concerns. I’m blissful that my therapist is supportive of me using cannabis flower products in canada. As long as I do not use too much THC throughout the day, I can function fairly well on my favorite marijuana products.

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