OG Kush is a great sativa-leaning hybrid that is great for the end of the day

Back when I was in college, I had to work during whatever hours I had available when I wasn’t in class. During freshman and sophomore year, I had random classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening hours. I didn’t have long stretches of time to work without interruption for most days out of the week. Instead, I had to adapt to dropping by the campus library to log a few hours worth of work at a time. On the one hand, this was good because I had to learn the art of getting focused and working in any environment, including places with lots of noise. I worked in the school cafeteria and in noisy cafes as much or more than I did in the quiet campus library. However, I fell into the habit of drinking a lot more coffee than any person should. Somedays I brewed two entire pots of coffee between the time I woke up in the morning until I started getting ready for bed each night. I had busy days with lots of work to finish, so I justified my constant coffee consumption with getting the labor finished. Thankfully I always had cannabis as a way to balance the intensity of the cannabis. Sometimes I would be CBD enriched cannabis which helps with the nervousness and anxiety that one can often get from too much caffeine consumption. But I also learned that there are many strains of cannabis that can provide their own form of mental stimulation, mainly sativas. There are also sativa-leaning hybrids that are great at keeping the mind active without going too far and creating lots of anxiety in the process. OG Kush is sometimes considered an indica, but I love the various phenotypes of OG Kush that are sativa-leaning and perfect to use for a busy workday.


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