I like to review cannabis dispensaries

For the last ten years I have grown my reputation as an online product reviewer.

I know that currently it seems that everyone’s a critic, and thinks they can write a review, but I am actually good at it.

People have started to notice, as well. Over the years I have written hundreds of reviews, and have developed a small following of my own. I was an influencer before anyone knew what that was! I will even get requests from local businesses for me to come and visit them, because they know a favorable review from me will help grow their business. Recently I did a tour of several local cannabis dispensaries for a series of reviews, and was very pleased with what I found. First of all it should go without saying that I am a huge fan of cannabis, and get high every single day. In the past I always bought marijuana through a friend, because I just didn’t trust any of the local businesses. It isn’t that I think the cannabis dispensaries are shady, I just think the cops and the government will screw me over as soon as they get a chance, so I liked to buy pot anonymously. I have to say that visiting some of these cannabis dispensaries really opened my eyes to how amazing these businesses are. Not just with the wide variety of cannabis products, many of which are smokeless, but also because of the freebies and extras they give away. Look up my reviews at the link below, because these cannabis dispensaries are off the chain.


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