I find cannabis edibles made out of RSO are stronger than those made from distillate

We don’t all have the same effects from various kinds of alcohol as others do.

For instance, wine seems to always give me a headache, regardless of the quality.

Sometimes hard liquors give me an “edgy” type feeling, while beer as a whole tends to make me feel the best. I have friends who say the opposite about beer and liquor, with a good number of close family members who are huge wine fanatics. We all can’t expect each other to react the same way to different catalysts. That’s why some of us have differing preferences when it comes to meal choices and favorite movies and music. I see the same occurrence with cannabis and marijuana products. They run the gamut of various ways to consume the medicine, varying from tinctures that go under the tongue to dried herb that is loaded into a pipe and smoked. A lot of people love cannabis edibles and will recommend them to anyone, but I didn’t have the best luck at first when I made my own edibles out of cannabis distillate oil. It just doesn’t have that many other cannabinoids and terpenes other than lots of THC inside. When I tried RSO which is a full spectrum cannabis oil product, I found that it gave me much stronger effects. RSO cannabis oil is loaded with terpenes that make the THC experience much more potent than it is by itself. While I don’t prefer cannabis edibles compared to vaporization products, I would definitely choose RSO over anything else available at most cannabis dispensaries.

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