CBD oil is either broad spectrum or full spectrum in regards to cannabinoids

I’m fairly surprised to see both of our Grandparents so supportive of cannabis these days, even if it’s mostly just their opinion regarding CBD by itself. It’s a step in the right direction, that’s for sure. For years they considered everything related to the marijuana plant to be troublesome & immoral. They threw our father out at 17 for catching him smoking a joint in the basement with his husbandy at the time. He struggled a lot in those early years & didn’t manage to get to school as a result. He had to get a job instantly to afford a place to live, but it ironically forced him to transport in with his drug dealer. Instead of making their kid quit using drugs to come home, they put him in the clutches of the man supplying the whole west end of the neighborhood with the drug they hated the most. With all of this history in our family’s past, you can understand why I would be shocked hearing about our Grandparents changing their stance on the marijuana plant. They’re the last people on Earth that I expected to come around & beginning using cannabinoids love CBD & CBG. Not only that, but our Grandparents also think the difference between full spectrum & broad spectrum CBD oil. I overheard them telling their friends in the kitchen the other day that they should change their CBD contractor so they could get oil with more cannabinoids & terpenes inside. The broad spectrum oils are usually just pure CBD with a few other minor doses of other cannabinoids. On the other hand, sometimes full spectrum CBD oils have tiny amounts of THC inside.


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