We got some weed edibles for the concert

My friends and I live on the coast, close to the city and lots of activity.

There are different bars, restaurants, and nightclubs close to the area and there are lots of indoor and outdoor activities to do for fun.

Once in a while, my friends and I travel outside of the city so we can go to a concert. There is a large venue in the middle of the state that often has rock and roll concerts. My friends and I went there last summer to see one of our favorite bands. We looked for a marijuana dispensary near us after we arrived in the city. It turns out that there weren’t any marijuana dispensaries close by, but there were plenty of marijuana delivery services. My friends and I looked at the marijuana delivery services and each one of them had a first time patient special. My friends and I each ordered from the marijuana delivery service. I purchased a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints and a container of edible candies that tasted like mangoes and pineapple. My friends picked up some edibles as well. It was easy to get high with marijuana products after we bought the edibles. They were super safe and easy to use at the concert. Since it was indoors, there was no way we could smoke, but no one could stop us from eating candy. It’s not as if the security guards were going to stop every single person they saw with a piece of candy to see if it had THC or not. Edibles are discreet and private and easy to use in public for this exact reason.


Space cake

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