The delivery girl wasn't allowed through the gate

My bestie plus myself went for a week down south last summer season.

Every single one of us rented a condo that was in a gated town.

Believe this or not, it was actually much cheaper than spending our day in a hotel. Every single one of us paid $99 each night and the two of us had total access to a fitness center, pool, Plus large steam room. Every one of us had security of the Gated Patrol as well which was near the front of the condo building. I believe this was a perfect holiday spot for both of us. The location was absolutely perfect and the two of us ordered recreational Cannabis products using a dispensary service nearby. The two of us had not ordered recreational marijuana from a dispensary at all in the past. Everyone of us did not absolutely think how the process worked. Everyone of us simply gave the attendant hour daytime address plus our telephone number. The two of us never told the person at the gate at the both of us expected a delivery from someone. The gate officer was being totally nosy and wanted to ask the delivery driver numerous questions. The child was doing their best to protect my privacy however the gate guard believed that the person was suspicious and did not want to let the person come into the building at all. I had to actually walk all the way up to the gate in order to get the marijuana products from the delivery driver.
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