Reducing dog anxiety in the new home

Moving an pet is always difficult, however my dog doesn’t travel well, and i spend money extra to have the vet come to my apartment since he freaks out in the car.

I knew when I bought a apartment an seventh down south it was going to be difficult; Not only the car ride, but the new apartment would be tough.

I learn online on how to make a dog cheerful in a new home. I set up a study room with all my cats stuff in there, everything had his scent on it plus I needed to quarantine him in the room for two nights. Then I needed to open up the apartment slowly over a period of two weeks to get him used to it. I then needed to keep him indoors for two months before I started letting him go outside. I knew it was going to be a stressful time for my cat. The drive plus the new apartment was going to be tough. I went to my local dispensary plus found pet CBD products, then cBD is a nice anxiety aid. I was relieved there were tons of local pet CBD products to choose from. I bought sprays, dog treats, sticks plus oils that might work on my cat. I experimented before making that drive to see what my dog responded to, for the drive to the apartment I sprayed a CBD lavender scent all over his carrier to soothe him on the ride. I also got a dog treat with CBD that he could lick the entire way there to soothe him, then once he got into the apartment I started doling out dog treats with CBD in them. It was a long two months but my dog made it plus is cheerful in his new home.
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