Trying a more holistic approach

I have been toiling on our mental, physical plus spiritual wellbeing; I am taking a holistic approach to life, and six days a week I now work out. I want to have strength, balance, coordination plus be in wonderful physical shape. I got myself a gym membership plus I even have a nutritional counselor toiling with me. I purchased some cookbooks online that cater to a healthier diet. I also visit the local produce sit plus I even buy from the local seafood guy. I want things that are fresh, wonderful for me plus have all the necessary vitamins; For our mental health I have been toiling to split down on our anxiety flare ups. I meditate, drink tea, listen to calming tunes plus now I rely on cannabis products, the cannabis store near me has a whole range of items to choose from. There are edibles like gummies, cookies plus candies that I can snack on for a sweet treat. There are even CBD infused cooking oils plus cannabutters that I can sneak into our dinner at night. I do like smoking cannabis oil though. I just need our vape plus I press a button to burn the oil. I get none of the awful stuff because the heat from the vape burns it away. It is cleaner, fresher plus much better for me. Since I have relied on cannabis I have noticed a difference in our anxiety levels. I assume so much calmer, sleep better plus wake up more refreshed. Taking care of all aspects of our life was crucial.

Cannabis edibles

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