I’m not going to apologize for forgetting one thing

On an average and busy night, I might deliver seven or eight different marijuana deliveries.

That number is quite high and only due to the fact that I know the roads so well.

I grew up here in the city and I know the roads like the back of my hand. Have you told me that the interstate is closed, I can give you five alternate ways to get to the address. A lot of my co-workers asked me for advice when they have a delivery address that they do not recognize. Most of the time, I know where the place is located. I work hard at the marijuana delivery service. Three days a week, I work inside of the store as a clerk. On another three days during the week, I work a shift as a delivery driver. The delivery driver shifts are only 5 hour shifts. This is to ensure that none of the drivers get tired. I was working one of those shifts on Tuesday night and I had a customer get very upset and angry with me. I will admit that I made a mistake. I totally forgot to grab the marijuana flower that should have been in the order. The customer acted like I tried to do this on purpose just to make him upset. I told the guy that I was extremely sorry and I offered to go right back to the store to get the products that I forgot. The guy wanted me to apologize again and he wanted me to say I was sorry for being a stupid idiot. I wasn’t going to embarrass myself for forgetting one item in the delivery order.


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