My brother has learned so much after becoming a professional marijuana grower

Although my brother and I are four years apart, we did everything together growing up.

He was great about letting me hang out with him and his friends because I knew that no one would complain if I didn’t stand out and act like a baby.

They took me with them on long bike rides around the city and I learned how to hang with kids much older than myself. Whenever we were at home, our parents would do activities with us that we could both enjoy. One thing that my brother and I always loved doing together was tending the family garden in the backyard. My mom drove us to the local landscaping company every year during March and April to get new flowers for the garden, as well as vegetables and other plants. For me, gardening was just a fun hobby. But for my brother, it soon became his goal to pursue plant cultivation as a study and long term career. He was fascinated when we studied ecology in science class in high school. When he got to college, he chose botany and ecology as his areas of study. I was a humanities student and graduated with a philosophy degree. While I headed to the world of data mining, my brother entered the legal cannabis industry with the intention of becoming a professional marijuana grower. We were cannabis users going back to high school, but I don’t remember him ever expressing an interest in pursuing marijuana cultivation long term. It’s one of those things that every cannabis lover plays around with in their heads at one point or another, but it truly takes special people to be successful marijuana growers that are capable of producing works of art in their cannabis harvests.

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