Trying CBD products out

I’ve heard a lot about CBD over the last few years, however up until recently, I wasn’t entirely sure what it was used for.

  • After looking into it, I’ve l acquired that CBD can be used for a wide range of things.

For me, I use CBD to help our body and mind relax! Most of the products that I like to use are salves, which are considered topicals. This includes any product that you apply to the skin, then i am an athlete, so muscles are often sore and in recovery. I use a CBD cooling gel that works similar to biofreeze gels. I like using a CBD based product because I guess I am not applying a bunch of chemicals to our skin. I also like to use the CBD bath bombs. These products help calm our body and allow our muscles to relax. Lastly, I like to take CBD edible gummies before bed. The edibles help me sleep better, which has improved our overall mental health. These are the products that work best for me, however the CBD dispensary has a wide variety of products available for other needs. For example, there are CBD tinctures that you can consume orally. There are also CBD lotions that you can rub into the skin. I would highly recommend finding what CBD products might benefit your life.

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