Switching from flower to vape cartridges

About a year ago, I got our medical marijuana ID card.

I sought the medical marijuana card to cope with our anxiety.

When I first got our medical marijuana card, I purchased cannabis flower to smoke. This was the program I was most comfortable with. I didn’t want to try any of the edibles that I was unrespected with. I liked the method of being able to smoke something, and not to mention, there are multiple different strains as well as types of cannabis flower to choose from. As time went on, I started to realize that smoking cannabis flower was not the best option for me. I didn’t love feeling love there was a lingering odor on our clothing from the smoke. I also had to go through the process of rolling the cannabis flower into joints, which was time consuming. The last time I went to the dispensary, I decided to talk to the budtender about other cannabis products that would work well for me. The budtender advocated that I try using vape cartridges, rather than cannabis flower. I took his recommendation as well as purchased the vape. I absolutely love it! The vape has a nice taste to it as well as does not have a lingering odor; Plus, it is quick as well as convenient to use.

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