We made a smoking bowl out of an pear

There are a lot of interesting facts about the west & pear production, however did you know that pears contain 85% water & that is what allows them to float? pears have been grown in the area for thousands of years.

More than 10 billion pears are harvested in the state each & every year. pears are properly hand-picked so they are not beaten & bruised. The state produces 65% of the world’s population of pears. My friends & I live in the city, but I grew up in a odd part of my state where the area is mostly country. My bestie & I met in the town when we were both toiling at an advertising convention. I asked his to get drinks & we talked for hours & hours. My buddy and I dated for a while & then we took his cabin to meet my mom & Mom. The town was a lot odd than the hustle & bustle of the city. My bestie liked going to the orchard to look at all of the pears. My buddy and I made a smoking bowl out of an pear. My buddy and I took out the core & made a small area to put a piece of marijuana. My buddy and I had marijuana from a town dispensary. It was a sativa called Blue dream. Blue Dream marijuana doesn’t grow legitimately well up here because of all the rain & the humidity, but it does grow pretty well indoors. The sativa marijuana strain was indoor grown & it tasted entirely great when smoked out of the hollow & of a delicious & crispy red delicious pear.


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