I spent my birthday money on cannabis

My Aunt Ethyl is such a sweet old lady.

Not only is she very old and suffering from dementia, but she is also on a fixed income, and barely has enough money to survive.

Still, she always sends me a birthday card every year with two dollars in it. Two crisp, new dollar bills, every year. It actually means a lot more than the money, because two dollars is a lot for her! Every year I take her two dollars and buy a lottery scratcher, and this year I finally picked a winner. That two dollars was transformed into three hundred dollars, and I knew just what to do with it. I went to the nearest cannabis dispensary and started shopping for deals. I wanted to get all the cannabis products I could, but in the spirit of Aunt Ethyl I wanted to be economical and get the most for the money. I asked the budtender if they had any special sales going on, and learned that a new strain of OG Kush was discounted by 15%. He then pointed me to a table in the back littered with discounted items like cannabis drinks and vape cartridges getting ready to expire. I was lucky enough to find two packages of sour apple cannabis gummies that were BOGO (buy one, get one free). By the time I left I had spent all my birthday money, plus a little extra, and had a nice big bag full of cannabis products. I hope Aunt Ethyl would approve, although she probably doesn’t smoke cannabis herself.


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