The dispensary was on the way home

The marijuana dispensary is on my way home from work, so sometimes I stop if I am having a bad day.

I don’t usually smoke much marijuana, because my wife doesn’t like it very much.

I used to smoke all of the time and then we had kids. When we had children, my wife said it was time to stop smoking pot and start acting like an adult. We had three kids in 7 years and the two of us were constantly stressed out all of the time. We weren’t having any fun together and we weren’t spending very much time alone. We ended up seeing a therapist and the therapist asked if we were planning to work hard so we could stay together. Both of us were willing to put in the hard work. The doctor suggested we take a vacation together. The doctor also suggested trying recreational marijuana again. Since we live in a state where it is 100% legal, And it’s only a big deal to my wife. Since the doctor recommended relaxing with marijuana, my wife was down for the idea. She told me to stop at a marijuana dispensary on my way home from work last Friday night. She got her mom and dad to watch the kids so we could go out together for the weekend. We smoked recreational marijuana on Friday night and laughed and talked like it was our first date again. When the doctor suggested trying recreational marijuana and a weekend away, I really didn’t think it was going to solve most of our problems.


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