The 40% off sale was over on Thursday

All throughout the past month, the marijuana dispensary near me has had a 40% off sale.

I knew that the 40% off sale was going to end at the end of the month.

I was supposed to get paid on Thursday and that was the same day as the end of the month and last day of the sale. I didn’t get paid until Thursday afternoon because the bank was running late. When I finally got my check cashed and went to the marijuana dispensary, I was pretty disappointed by the selection that wasn’t available. Many of the products that I would usually purchase were already out of stock due to the sale. I had to settle for a bunch of Indica marijuana strains, but I really wanted some sativas. I purchased as many products as I could from the dispensary with the 40% off sale and then I went someplace else to get some sativas. There’s no way I can spend the entire week just having indicas, because they make me very sleepy. I like having sativa marijuana strains for the daytime when I have to get work done. After I bought products from the sale, I called a couple of friends to hang out. One of my buddies had been off that morning and he got his check at 7:00 a.m. He made it to the dispensary early in the morning and had the opportunity to take advantage of the sales. The guy had infused and flavored pre-rolls that were 40% off and none of those items were in stock by the time I made it to the dispensary
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