PTSD with some CBD

I developed PTSD from serving in the military.

Loud explosions, sudden noises and flashing lights really have me on edge.

I get panic attacks, sweat through my clothing and get really scared. Thankfully those things don’t happen too often. However, two times a year it is a big problem for me. On New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July there are fireworks. The pops, flashing lights and unexpectedness of it all is super hard on me. I just about lose my control every year. My poor dog is the same. The two of us seal up in the house with music blaring and the lights off. It doesn’t seem to help. Recently a friend of mine suggested that I try medical marijuana for my PTSD. She told me that I could simply vape a cannabis oil to keep me peaceful and calm during those days of the year. I did all the necessary paperwork right then and there. I went to the doctor and got a script. The medical cannabis dispensary was very professional and clean. The budtender helpmed me find the right kind of cannabis to reduce my stress levels. What is nice is that my state is both recreational and medical cannabis. So I was able to pick up some impulse things along the way. They have pet CBD treats. I decided to treat my dog as well. I am planning to smoke cannabis oil this holiday season and my dog will get CBD treats. I am hopeful that we are both going to be feeling better this year.


Medical Marijuana Cards

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