Insurance should cover the cost of medical weed

The two of us believe that there are many companies that suggest medical marijuana but still do not have the products that are paid for from Healthcare workers.

  • I have insurance from my job that should cover medical marijuana especially if it is being prepared for me buy a medical provider.

Healthcare workers would not get us better results from using marijuana but instantly we could get some type of ID card. Everyone of us were not thinking that insurance would cover marijuana and this means paying high premiums for all medications. My old prescriptions were about $50 a month but it costs nearly $300 a month for the two of us to have medical marijuana. Insurance agencies from the federal government still believe that marijuana is not a prescription that can be covered. Now the two of us are easily on a mission as well as trying to find state senators, representatives, as well as governors that would sign a petition. I’m starting at the state level but the two of us want to get medical marijuana legalized through our insurance company. Federally it might take a lot longer but I’m working one state at a time. There are a number of people that use medical marijuana prescriptions for everyday problems and it is much healthier than taking a pill. If these people could have their prescriptions covered by the government, then they would have more food for things and more money for their bills. Sadly it seems as though the government does not want to legalize, because then they would put insurance companies responsible for everyone’s health and security.

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