Helping my dealer by stashing his cannabis

How far would you go to help a friend? That is an easy question in answer as a hypothetical, because there is nothing at risk.

Recently I was put into a real situation with dire consequences, and I had to decide whether or not to help my old pal Mike.

I have known Mike for a few years now, and while we are not the best of friends we have developed a strong bond. Mike is my pot dealer, so I visit with him once a week or so, and over the years we’ve become somewhat close. Even with our history, I was startled when he showed up at my house one night, unannounced. He asked me for help, and handed me a duffel bag with roughly ten pounds of cannabis in it. He explained that the cops had showed up during his big cannabis buy, and arrested a few people there. Mike had escaped, but he believed the cops would be looking for him, and probably coming to his house. He couldn’t think of anywhere else to hide the cannabis besides my house. I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I am a cop. I am a cop who happens to enjoy cannabis, but I’m still a cop. I knew I should arrest Mike on the spot, but instead I took the cannabis from him and promised to hide it. Then I made him leave, because hiding some cannabis was one thing, but harboring a fugitive was a much bigger deal. Mike did get arrested, but since they couldn’t locate the cannabis they had to let him go.

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