What does CBD sit for?

Since medical marijuana has become legal in many states, my associate and I have been hearing a lot about the products. I have even seen commercials with advertisers selling their products. As someone who knows very little about medical cannabis, all the terminology is foreign to me, and for instance, I prefer going to vitamin stores to option up unusual supplements, and I have consistently seen CBD products for sale. Typically, I would overlook these products because I was never interested in taking any of them. Plus, not to mention the whole stigma with medical cannabis and the other products. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I was going to see my number one vitamin shop and saw a bottle of CBD oil on the shelf. So, I proceeded to option up the bottle just out of curiosity. The store representative must have picked up on my hesitance and decided to walk over to offer help. I told him that I was good and was just browsing the product. Anyway, the bottle had Cannabidiol Oil on the label. It was at that point that I discovered what CBD meant. I knew that it was an abbreviation, although I was expecting it to be an acronym for 3 unusual words. As I mentioned, I knew nothing about these products, so my ignorance is to be expected. After my discovery, I decided to study the unusual uses for the product and based on the label, CBD products can be used for anxiety, depression, epilepsy, severe pain, and more. I suffer from none of these diseases, so I localed the CBD oil back on the shelf. I was however glad that I picked it up because I know more about CBD products than I did before.

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