I do not have time to wait at the cannabis dispensary for an hour

I wish I had more time in my yearly schedule than I do now.

Back when I was in college it seemed like I was always busy, even though I still had time to see my friends and prefer life! Nowadays my family takes up pretty much all of my time outside of work… It’s not that I resent this in any sort of way, it’s just been a lot for me to transition into over the years.

It’s a lot of mental energy on top of the physical energy too; You have to stay awake enough to be there for your wife and your adolescents as well. One of the things that seems to help me the most with my mental health concerns is cannabis. But like using sativa strains and getting those vaporizer cartridges from the cannabis dispensary because they are so simple to use. I can click a button and instantly take a hit without having to load cannabis flower buds into a pipe or a bong. However, sometimes waiting at the dispensary to get an order is a time-consuming process, and there have been afternoons where I had to wait in line in the lobby at the cannabis dispensary for an hour just to get my pickup order; And I made it online the afternoon before too. And they used to have an Express pickup line for people with online pickup orders however now everybody has to wait regardless of whether or not you are a walk-in or a pickup. This is undoubtedly aggravating since it’s the only cannabis dispensary in my small town.
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