I take my cannabis oil pens traveling around the country

I spent the better part of my 20s stuck in one city working for a company that I saw as a necessary evil in the process of advancing my career.

They were a stepping stone to a more elite part of my industry, but it still frustrated me that I didn’t have the time to go traveling.

My parents took me on a European vacation for a graduation present at the end of high school and it activated a huge love of traveling in me that was hard to quelch in the following years. When my current employer offered to put me in a travel position, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. This is a great example of being careful of what one wishes for in the off chance that one is lucky enough to have their wishes granted. Now I loathe the mere sight of the airport, let alone the queasy feeling I get stepping onto airplanes each time. Traveling induces more stress into my life, making me irritable when I finally get back home. While this is what I always wanted, now I realize that my hopes and dreams were full of delusions. The only thing that makes traveling tolerable are my cannabis oil pens that are easy to mask as nicotine vape pens. I throw the cannabis vaporizer cartridges into the x-ray machine with my keys and cell phone. I have yet to get stopped by TSA for my cannabis oil pens, despite having done this for three years straight. I can finally enjoy my marijuana when I get to my hotel room for the night.

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