Finding the strains I prefer

The longer I’m around, the more I realize that what I was after all along wasn’t making me happy.

That’s a hard realization but one that can also come with all sorts of liberation.

For sure, I made some hard choices in life out of accountability and responsibility to my fiance, kids and even myself. One of those was putting away recreational marijuana once I started my job. This was not an easy choice because I have enjoyed cannabis since the first time I tried in my junior year of university. But the social climate wasn’t what it is now with regard to cannabis products. Of course, it was illegal which I found stupid then as I do now, choosing to continue to search for marijuana for sale once I started my job was fraught with danger. Had I been busted for a bin of weed, I could kiss my job goodbye. That might have been alright for me but it could have put lots of hardship on my family undeservedly. So I stopped using recreational marijuana unless a friend slipped me some every few years. That’s absolutely not the case now and is in step with all the other changes that came to my life. I got my kids grown and have since been open to finding more happiness in my life. Thanks to the fact that I now have access to a cannabis dispensary, I’m living life a bit easier these days. I’m the first one to divulge that this life was a whole lot harder than anything that I had in mind. So having something as easy as access to the sativa strains I prefer has made a big difference in helping me just continue living this life.

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