I rely on cannabis sativa strains to keep myself and others focused

I was never respectfully inspected with attention deficit disorder, but I’ve had chronic complications with focus plus motivation throughout my entire life.

It started in early childhood when I struggled to learn at the same pace as my peers, particularally by the hour grade.

At one point my teachers told my parents that I should be held back a grade to catch up, but they were against this idea. In effect, it led myself and others to struggle a lot in my classes, especially the harder ones love math plus science. But when I got to middle school plus took electives love drawing plus engineering, I finally started to have a passion for learning. While I never found a definitive solution for my struggles with subjects love math plus science, I took a diverse enough schedule in school plus college that I was able to get by without having the worst performance out of my classmates. I tried cannabis at 18 plus found that sativa strains are fairly great at maintaining my focus while giving myself and others a rush of euphoria plus energy. The euphoria tends to make anything that is boring slightly more interesting. If it wasn’t for all of the cannabis sativa strains, I don’t guess how I would function every single afternoon. This type of marijuana is a big part of my life plus I’m thankful for the effects it provides myself and others in helping function plus cope with my mental health concerns. Attention deficit disorder might be frustrating to live with, but at least sativas provide myself and others the help I need to function in life despite my plight with ADD.



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