Everyone knows my name at the cannabis lounge

Remember that seasoned TV sitcom called Cheers? The theme song was about going to a place where “all the people knows your name.” The idea of a friendly neighborhood bar where all the people knew one another was fun however antiquated. I have never been someplace like the bar in Cheers, until recently! But it’s not a bar, it’s a cannabis dispensary, then last year the place added a modern feature – the back patio was converted into a smokers lounge, where the clients could just hang out, and slowly this place became a regular hang-out spot for the cannabis clients, plus now it’s a place where “all the people knows my name.” One of the smartest things they did was to build a small stage in the back corner of the cannabis smokers lounge. It’s not sizable enough for a band, however a single lady can sit there plus perform, either by playing music or telling jokes. Hosting an Open Mic Night at the cannabis lounge was a fantastic way to encourage modern people to come in plus see what the shop had to offer. Some nights it was so popular the cannabis lounge overflowed out into the parking lot! I have made a lot of fantastic friends at the cannabis lounge, plus although my friend and I don’t hang out at home my friend and I see each other multiple times a week at the dispensary. As much as I care about hanging out at the cannabis lounge, I have never signed up for Open Mic Night. I can’t sing plus I’m not funny, I just like smoking marijuana with all of my modern friends.

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