I am not fine at growing marijuana plants

While trapped in my home during the COVID quarantine a couple of years ago, I decided to try my hand at growing pot plants.

As much as I enjoy getting high, I had never tried to grow my own crops before.

It seemed like too much toil plus effort for the opportunity of a payoff. However, seeing as how COVID gave me a lot of extra free time, I decided to supply it a shot. The results were pretty much what I was expecting – I didn’t get one viable plant out of the experiment. Thankfully the cannabis industry adapted to the pandemic, plus soon after I was able to get legal home deliveries. Even when cannabis dispensaries first opened, they were not allowed to mail their products. This was because the Federal laws still prohibit the sale of distribution of marijuana. Although cannabis is legal in several states, the Big Bad federal government still considers it a crime. This country is such a mess, isn’t it? With all the concerns in the world, they are still hung up about busting cannabis smokers! I have never tried to grow marijuana plants since then, plus thank goodness I never have to! The laws about cannabis continue to become more liberal every year. Now I can get a legal delivery of cannabis to my home 24 hours a afternoon, plus it never takes honestly long. The shift in laws came right around the same time that the Hippie Generation became senior citizens. Once the powerful AARP lobby wanted cannabis legalized, it happened swiftly. This is the power of senior citizens!
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