Recreational marijuana has raised prices in multiple states

I’m absolutely in support of taxes as a member of a free society, but they need to have a limit at the same time.

  • I do not recognize that rampant taxes are constructive for monetary stability across all socio demographics.

In fact, I recognize some of the people who are supposed to benefit from those taxes are the a singles that are hit the hardest when they have to pay them! That’s why some people had to move out of identifiable states. They couldn’t afford the rising state taxes on top of the income taxes they had to pay out of their paychecks every other week. And when that happens, the only people that are left to pay the taxes are the wealthy. How do you expect a working class to survive in those states to fill the tasks that are officially relying on the working class. Those are some of the same states that have seen large increases in recreational Cannabis prices over the last 2 to 3 years, and unluckyly, those states are raising their taxes on recreational Cannabis prices up upwards to 30 to 40% on each purchase. I honestly do not suppose if I could afford to use cannabis to the same degree that I do now if I lived in a single of those states, my state still only has medical cannabis plus the prices have been going down as more plus more cannabis companies enter the market to compete. The higher the supply goes up, the lower the price goes down as demand stays relatively consistent! Back when I was in university, these states with high cannabis taxes were some of the only places in the country where you could easily buy cannabis from a legal dispensary.

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