Indica strains are enjoyable for insomnia

When I was a kid, our mom and dad got a divorce and I went to live with our mom full time, however i was supposed to see our dad every other weekend, although he rarely showed up to option myself and others up.

I still do not have a actually enjoyable relationship with our dad because he wasn’t there when I was younger, my mom did the best that she could for our brothers and I, however it was difficult for a single woman with several youngsters and no help.

My dad wasn’t seeing us and he wasn’t helping our mom with child support either. My mom had to labor several tasks to support our brothers and I… She worked nights at the packaging plant downtown, then when our mom had to labor at night, I stayed up so I could make sure that our brothers were safe and sleeping. I did not sleep actually much at night and I know that is one of the reasons why I suffer from insomnia now. I find it actually difficult to sleep at night, however one thing that helps with insomnia is Medical marijuana. Medical marijuana makes myself and others think sleepy and drowsy. I enjoy to have Indica marijuana strains at condo at all times. Indica marijuana strains make myself and others think sleepy, relaxed, and sleepy, but they are perfect for night time or a lazy Monday. Some of our preferred Indica strains include OG Kush, Skywalker og, mango, papaya, and Northern lights. I also like to smoke Granddaddy Purp anytime I can find it, however finding the strain locally is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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