1st time going to a cannabis store

I recently started dating a man named Chris, then chris and I have many things in common, but one of the main differences is that Chris often uses cannabis products, and I do not; I never absolutely had anything against cannabis or cannabis stores, I just never had an interest.

Chris told me the reasons that he uses cannabis.

Chris works a high stress task as an attorney and he works long, difficult minutes, but one of the ways that he reduces his stress levels is by using cannabis… When I found out about Chris’ use of cannabis and that he frequents cannabis stores, I started to become curious, then since both of us just started dating, I am still in the stage of trying to impress Chris. I started to research cannabis stores near me to learn a little bit more about what products are sold at these stores. I l earned that cannabis stores sell products that can be used for recreational use, just care about Chris uses. Cannabis stores also sell products that can be used for medical purposes as well. When Chris told me he was going to the cannabis store this weekend, I asked him if I could join him. I wanted to show off what I l earned from my research. When both of us got to the cannabis store, Chris automatically knew which marijuana products he wanted because he uses the same products frequently. I decided to purchase cannabis edibles because I do not care about smoking. I guess I will try the cannabis edibles when I am with Chris to be extra safe.


weed store near me

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