The CBD products from the CBD store are stronger than the ones at the pharmacy

It’s hard for myself and others to justify toiling with a pharmacy that is looking to rip off their customers.

That’s what happened with my most recent pharmacy experience.

I was a loyal customer for six years straight when I was one day that my co-pays would be adjusting on numerous drugs. After lengthy conversations with my insurance supplier, I surmised that my pharmacy was pocketing the additional currency they were charging myself and others for prescription co-pays, which is illegal. If they’re going to charge more for a medication, they have to bill it at a higher price to the insurance supplier in the first site. Instead, they were trying to rip off their customers & get them to front the increase in cost. On top of that, they were ripping myself and others off with subpar CBD products at unbelievably high prices. This pharmacy was one of the first retail stores in our section to sell CBD & hemp products back in 2018 when the federal legal status changed. I remember them offering CBD capsules & skin cream at first, but eventually they would sell bath bombs, sunscreen, nasal spray, & edibles with CBD & other legal cannabinoids inside. But once I started shopping for my CBD products at a nearby CBD store instead, I have found that the latter carries hemp that affects my body much faster & stronger than the CBD I was buying from the pharmacy. I also enjoy supporting the shop owner’s company as he’s a war veteran & is just trying to support himself & her family. By & large, you’re more likely to find quality CBD at a CBD store versus a random drug store.



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