Medical marijuana can be used to treat PTSD and anxiety

Many studies show that medical cannabis can benefit a lot of odd conditions; From state to state, there are a variety of odd conditions that can qualify a person to acquire medical marijuana.

Some of the conditions that can qualify a person include Alzheimer’s, ALS, epilepsy, seizures, and glaucoma, however medical marijuana can also be used to treat PTSD and anxiety.

The doctor prescribed medical marijuana for me after I came beach house from serving 8 years in the military, i was unable to function without feeling worried in crowds and every time I heard a loud sound, I was jumpy, however after qualifying with the doctor for medical marijuana, I went to a dispensary so I could look at all of the items that were available. I decided to start with a low dose marijuana product called edibles. Edibles are marijuana infused candies, gummies, and cookies that have small amounts of thc. The marijuana dispensary had a lot of odd Edibles available. They had numerous or numerous odd types of cookies, brownies, chocolate, and candy. I started off with a low dose marijuana infused gummy that had 10 mg of thc. I had to let our body adjust to the effects of the medical marijuana. At first I had trouble concentrating and keeping our memory. I was dizzy and our heart rate increased. I also had an increased appetite. I recognize I acquired at least 15 or 20 lb when I first started using marijuana products. I had munchies all of the time and I wanted to eat cookies, cakes, and chips every night.

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