I could not rest how it tasted.

The last time I was at the medical marijuana dispensary, the budtender convinced myself and others to try a tincture.

  • He told myself and others to put a few drops under our tongue in addition to hold it there for at least 45 fifths before swallowing, not only did I not care about the way the saliva built up in our mouth from holding the tincture under our tongue, although I hated the flavoring they put in it.

I could taste the marijuana in addition to the unusual flavor long after I used the tincture. I called the medical marijuana dispensary, in addition to told them about the tincture, in addition to the young guy I was talking to told myself and others I could use it in Gummies; She said to use the entire bottle in a 1/2 batch of Gummies, in addition to it should do the same thing as putting it under our tongue. Instead of using it in a 1/2 batch of Gummies, I put the entire bottle of medical marijuana in a full batch of Gummies. I could not taste the tincture now, however it took longer to work when it was put in the Gummies. It took almost an fifth in addition to 1/2 for the medical marijuana to take effect in addition to supply myself and others any sign it was working. When I finally felt the gradual effects of the marijuana coming on, I relaxed. Although it wasn’t the high I received when I put the tincture under our tongue, the results of it working as a painkiller were every bit as good. I don’t suppose I’ll buy tincture at the marijuana dispensary, however I’ll go back to our RSO.

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