The two flights of stairs nearly killed me

Shortly after I moved to the city, I fell down the stairs at my apartment.

I was in a world of pain.

The ambulance took me to a hospital nearby and they set my leg with a cast and gave me a pair of crutches. I wanted to immediately go to the recreational marijuana dispensary to pick up something for the paint. Marijuana always helps when I have any type of chronic or acute pain. My leg was killing me and the two flights of stairs into the dispensary certainly didn’t help. The walk into the dispensary nearly killed me. I went to the place that was closest to the hospital. I didn’t even bother to look at the online prices for the menu. I paid a reasonable price for a marijuana vape pen. I decided to buy an Indica strain called OG kush. I took the OG Kush vape pen back to my apartment. It was a great strain. I had a lot of pain relief and it helped me sleep. I wanted to get more OG Kush from the marijuana dispensary but there was no way I could drive. I found out that they offered delivery services thankfully. I ordered several different marijuana vape pens from the dispensary as well as some edibles and a drink that had 10 mg of thc. All of the items from the marijuana dispensary helped a great deal when I was trying to heal from the broken leg. I didn’t get to go out and meet friends until almost 8 weeks after I moved into the new place.


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