Tinctures for insomnia

I am very grateful to the recommendations provided by the budtenders at my local dispensary. I explained my needs, preferences and concerns, and they helped me determine the ideal products. They explained the different consumption methods, strains and effects. I am taking cannabis to deal with sore muscles and joints, headaches and insomnia. In recent years, I’ve struggled to fall asleep at night. My head pounds and I experience muscle cramps that keep me awake. When I get up in the morning, I’m exhausted. I’ve found that cannabis is the perfect solution. It’s a natural remedy that is both safe and effective. I don’t need to worry about long-term side-effects. After considering various consumption methods, I’ve learned that tinctures are best for me. Tinctures are available in a very compact package that fits right into my pocket or purse. This allows me to take cannabis with me wherever I go. The package includes a handy dropper that provides easy and accurate dosing. I place a dose under the tongue and allow it to absorb for a minute. The sublingual absorption results in fast acting effects. I can also swallow the tincture or add it to food or beverages for delayed onset of effects. I like that tinctures are available in a variety of THC and CBD levels. They are low in calories and when stored properly, offer a very long shelf-life. Because tinctures are a smokeless consumption method, they are especially discreet. By taking a few drops of a cannabis tincture prior to bed, I’m able to sleep and wake up rested.

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