The delivery service came back after the morning deliveries

My girlfriend and I were staying at a campground and we were only a couple of miles away from a marijuana delivery service.

The two of us decided to order a couple of items. We got a couple of special things that we only purchased because we were on vacation. The marijuana delivery service driver contacted us the same day that we placed our order. We told the driver that we wanted the items delivered the next morning instead of that day. Having the items delivered the next morning made it so we would qualify for 30% off of our order. Next day orders always qualify for that discount. The driver changed the time on our order and the date. The delivery driver was supposed to come between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. I was surprised when I woke up and there was a text message at 8:15 from the marijuana delivery service. The driver was letting me know that he was only 5 minutes away from my property. I totally missed the guy and I immediately texted back the same number when I woke up. The guy told me that he knew it was early. He was just taking a chance that I was ready before he headed out west. He was going to be gone most of the day but he would return again after lunch time and bring my products at that time. I thanked the delivery driver for circling back by providing him with a nice tip. I knew it wasn’t his fault.



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