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The laws in the USA and Canada are constantly changing and this makes the “cannabis culture” of every city different. Our blog is meant to keep people up to date and educate them on the cannabis laws in their area.

  • I saw a terrible accident while I was out making deliveries

    A lot of accidents happen on the highway. The highway by the interstate connects several different places and they are all diverging in the same direction at the same time. There seems to be an accident at that intersection every single afternoon. I try to avoid the area whenever possible. I could not avoid the…

  • I have to repair the noise coming from my car

    Last night I noticed a terribly loud noise coming from the bottom of my car. I had a couple more marijuana deliveries to make and I hoped and prayed that my car would get me back to the dispensary before it broke down. The noise continued throughout the rest of the deliveries. It didn’t seem…

  • It was just the power of suggestion.

    My doctor offered to put me on a new drug for my kidney cancer. It was an experimental drug, and I had to use it twice a day, then go to the doctor every three months for more testing. Fifty percent of the people got a placebo, and they gave the other half the drug….