My girlfriend caused a scene at the dispensary

I left for work and she was packing up a bag.

My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 years. We live in an apartment about six blocks from my job at the marijuana shop. Recreational marijuana is perfectly legal in this state. There are lots of different medical and recreational shops that sell marijuana supplies. I got a job working at one of those places. I applied for a job five times before I was contacted for an interview. I work really hard and I always show up when the boss needs someone to help. I love my job at the marijuana dispensary and the perks are too good to give up. I receive a 35% discount off the retail price on all marijuana products in the store. The discount is one of the biggest reasons why I applied for a job there. Lately my girlfriend and I have been fighting a lot. I told her that I wanted to end our relationship. I had to work on the day that I told her about the relationship ending. I thought that would be a great excuse to get me out of the house if she was being irrational or crazy. I mentioned breaking up once before and she went berserk. I was a little afraid that she might act like that again. At first she was very calm. I thought she was taking the break up well. I left for work and she was packing up a bag. I was surprised and honestly rethinking my decision until she showed up at the dispensary. She came in looking for me and started yelling and screaming. Thank goodness the boss is a friend of mine. I had already told him that she might show up.
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