Medical marijuana treatment

I can recall the moment almost exactly three years ago when I knew the pandemic was going to be a crisis and life altering for many.

  • It was the second we all got the text in the office that we’d be working from home.

And that there could be layoffs. Thankfully, I kept my job. Prior to being introduced to cannabis products, it was all I could do to get myself to the office. Or to the grocery store or somewhere else for that matter. I was dealing with such anxiety and depression that I couldn’t do anything. So before finding marijuana, I was so glad to be stuck at property all the time. Initially, it seemed like the honestly best thing that could have possibly happened for me. But that’s not how it turned out as I just became more and more isolated. It got to the point that I decided to reach for help and that led me to pursue a medical marijuana card. I never liked the psych meds that I had been on in the past and I wasn’t going back there. I found a healthcare expert who understands the benefits of sativa, indica and hybrid strains. I would be doing both the medical marijuana treatment and the talk therapy and eventually, even group therapy. I’m now back in the office and have been for a bit. I stayed working remotely while I was focused on my emotional and mental wellbeing. The sativa products particularly have given me a new perspective that includes hope, calm and confidence. Along with the therapy, both group and individual, the medical marijuana has simply transformed my life in a way I wasn’t sure was even possible.


medical uses for cbd

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