Promoting the legalization of recreational cannabis

A few years ago a local advocacy group used to host an annual street festival called HempFest.

I know that there were several different Hempfests in different states, but ours was the best.

There was a stage for live music and slam poetry, food trucks and local vendors set up booths to sell merch. More than anything else, it was just plain fun! I looked forward to HempFest every year, until eventually they stopped. After medical cannabis was legalized in this state, the advocacy group decided they had won the battle, so they stopped fighting. If any of you people are reading this, let me plead with you to keep fighting! Medical cannabis is great, but recreational cannabis should also be legal! Look at the other states that have legalized recreational cannabis and see how much they have succeeded. What the government never seemed to understand about marijuana is that one way or another people are going to use it. Criminalize it, demonize it, do whatever you want, but people will always find a way to get their hands on marijuana. When a state, such as Oregon or Colorado, makes legal cannabis dispensaries, it cuts down on other crime, and provides a new revenue stream for the government. Money that was staying in the cannabis black market can now be used for legit projects that benefit the citizens. They say a rising tide lifts all boats, and this is 100% accurate when it comes to marijuana. Until they revive HempFest, I will do everything I can to promote the legalization of recreational marijuana.
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