My cannabis oil pens don't have a smell

It’s really simple to smell alcohol on somebody’s breath, when I tried drinking when I was in high university, my parents were able to smell the liquor on my breath the few times I tried to get away with it.

  • It was really difficult to hide drinking or smoking cigarettes when they both have noses like dobermans… Naturally I got in trouble every single time I attempted to do it.

And if you ever tried drinking like this plus getting behind the wheel of a car, you better hope that you don’t hurt anyone else or risk getting pulled over because a cop is going to smell that alcohol in your breath. Tobacco is largely the same way, as it completely permeates everything it comes in contact with. It’s really difficult to smoke cigarettes plus pretend like you don’t! Most people can smell it on you the second you walk in the room, then cannabis is similar if you are smoking it instead of vaporizing it. A lot of cannabis products have a entirely pungent smell to them that are difficult to hide, plus that has in large area why I started buying cannabis oil pens. They’re a lot more discreet plus don’t have as numerous strong smells as smoking cannabis flower products like pre-rolled joints. When you burn the cannabis flower just like tobacco products, the resulting combustion smoke is really dense in smells. Some of the cannabis oil pens smell more like weed than others, but there are numerous that come with botanical terpenes inside plus taste a lot like candy or food.



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