I needed a more up-to-date design for the cannabis dispensary website.

I was exhausted by looking through the same websites all the time! All cannabis dispensary websites looked the same and had the same web material; The only thing that could make them look peculiar was how they were designed, and the ease of use.

I wanted to make the website a little easier for our customers to use, and it had to look nice.

I didn’t think that every cannabis dispensary website had to start with a large cannabis leaf, or with words imprinted over the cannabis leaf. It should be self-obvious you were on a cannabis dispensary website separate from seeing a leaf. I wanted our cannabis dispensary to have a website that was responsive, and it had to be actually navigated, but fortunately, I didn’t have to follow corporate rules for our website, and I could get any online SEO company to help me design and create it. I told the people at the website development company what I wanted and asked them if they had previously worked with a cannabis dispensary? The woman told me that she hadn’t personally worked with a cannabis dispensary, but SEO and website development were not the same. If I wanted a cannabis dispensary specialist, they had one in the dealership, then she could contact him and have him send me a text message and set up a time when my pal and I could talk. I thanked her for the information that he had already given me, and said I would love to speak to someone who specialized in small cannabis dispensaries. I didn’t want someone who may be offended by smoking marijuana working on the web development for our cannabis dispensary.


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