My husband used to be against medical marijuana

Back when we first met and got married, my husband was completely against medical marijuana. He was actually against marijuana of any kind at that point and I didn’t really blame him. I had never been someone who used any drugs of any kind, and so at that point it didn’t really bother me at all that he was against using medical marijuana. Over the years, though, I began to change my mind about medical marijuana because I read about so many of its benefits. I started to think that maybe my husband was getting the wrong idea about medical marijuana. I thought that maybe he had just been swayed Into believing all marijuana was bad because of the kind of home that he grew up in. My in-laws were very strict when he was growing up, and they had very strong opinions about marijuana usage for any reason. Anyway, one day my husband ended up getting into an accident when he was out riding his mountain bike. He ended up with some chronic pain in his knee from the mountain biking accident and he was reduced to using prescription drugs for his knee pain. After several months of using this drug for knee pain, he decided that he did not want to be on prescription drugs anymore and that’s when he started doing some research into medical marijuana. He ended up finding some medical marijuana products that worked well for him, and now he is a proponent of medical marijuana usage and so am I. I’m glad he found something that works for him.


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