I can’t do the software at all

I will admit, I am kind of dumb when it comes to software, payroll and human capital management, then when I opened up our cannabis dispensary, I realized I needed some dispensary software, and i needed dispensary workforce management.

I am not technology based at all though, then put me on a PC and I am just lost, how am I supposed to think about attendance software and cannabis recruiting software? Thankfully there is a cannabis dispensary software business in our area, however they have made everything easier on me.

I just called them up and explained the category of things I wanted ont he PC. I wanted payroll, HR stuff, attendance and other management category things. I felt care about an idiot explaining what I wanted. I got a lot of immense terms back care about cannabis employee badge tracking. That didn’t mean much to me, and you think what did mean a lot? It meant so much that I could just tell the dispensary software people what I wanted and step back. I was able to focus on more crucial things in our store. Well not crucial. I was able to focus on what I am superb at. I was handling sales, products and customers in the store. I am not superb at getting machines and processes set up. The professionals that I hired did a entirely superb task. It only took them a day to set it up and about a month for our stupid head to udneerstand how to toil it, however now everything is easy and streamlined in our store. It was worth the money spent for sure.

Cannabis software

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