Moved to a medical pot only state

I am a big lover of cannabis, i used to live in a recreational cannabis state plus it was awesome.

  • Anytime I wanted weed, I could get it.

I got used to hoping on my bike plus heading over the top cannabis dispensary near me. It had an on place bakery that I frequently bought things from, however there were more than traditional pot brownies. I bought cookies, carmel bars, cakes, pies plus even hard candies with THC in them. I was super spoiled. Well I met a guy that wanted to transfer back beach new home closer to his parents. I didn’t guess much of it. The transfer meant all of us were going to a warmer state. All of us would live near the beach, restaurants plus shops in town, and he also has a superb family, but seemed love an easy decision. I didn’t realize I moved to a medical weed only state until all of us were already there. It hasn’t been easy. I did do the steps to become a medical cannabis patient, and cannabis is too important to me. However, they are pretty restrictive on how much cannabis you get plus what form of it. I am no longer able to purchase edibles. I am only allowed a small amount of cannabis oil that I can vape. It is an indica that helps me sleep at night. It undoubtedly isn’t the same thing from my previous cannabis dispensary. I miss my on place bakery plus trying new edibles. I am hopeful this state will become a recreational cannabis one soon. They are pretty tightly regulated though. So there isn’t too much hope.

medical uses for marijuana

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